Ph.D. Candidate, M.A.

RForbes.jpgHi! I am a data-driven research scientist with seven years of comprehensive experience independently conducting, analyzing, and reporting social psychological and behavioral research. Passion for providing accurate, meaningful, and impartial insights from data to creatively solve real world problems. Experience analyzing complex data using advanced statistical techniques in a variety of programming languages. Skilled in project management, data communication, and experimental design (A/B testing).

Following the completion of my degree, I am interested in pursuing a career in Data Science. For now, I am hoping to learn about any opportunities, resources, or projects that will help bridge the gap between quantitative academic research and applied data science. Any suggestions? Please get in touch!

As a Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto, I study social-moral psychology under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Stellar. My primary research interests focus on morality, specifically individuals’ perceptions of others’ unethical behaviour. I examine how different social factors (e.g., closeness with a transgressor, perceived power of a transgressor) can influence moral outrage. More recently, I have also begun investigating how individuals become redeemed in the eyes of others after acting unethically.

I received my Master of Arts in Psychology degree at the University of Toronto in November 2018 and my Honours Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Toronto in June 2017.

In my personal life, some of my favourite hobbies include: baking, sailing, running, kickboxing, and spending time with my three pets. I am a strong proponent of protecting mental health and believe self-care, taking time to unplug, and having a balance in work and life can do wonders for well-being.

Tagline quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt.