Published Manuscripts

Côté, S., Stellar, J., Willer, R., Forbes, R.C., Martin., Sean., & Bianchi, E. (2021). The Psychology of Entrenched Privilege: High Socioeconomic Status Individuals from Affluent Backgrounds Are Uniquely High in Entitlement. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. 47(1) 70–88.

Accepted Manuscripts

Forbes, R.C. & Stellar, J. (2021). When the Ones We Love Misbehave: Exploring Moral Processes within Intimate Bonds. Accepted at the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Manuscripts Under Review

Plaks J.,  Robinson, J, & Forbes, R.C. (2021). Anger and Sadness as Moral Signals: Actor and Observer Effects. Currently under review at Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Manuscripts in Progress

Forbes, R.C., Willer, R., & Stellar, J. When the Mighty Fall: Responses to the Moral Transgressions of the Powerful.

Forbes, R.C., Feinberg, M., & Stellar, J. Redemption (working title).

Li, Y., Forbes, R.C., & Stellar, J. Prosocial immorality (working title).